is a site dedicated to keep you posted on the news and stories around the Seattle Traffic mess.  I started this site initially back in 2001.  I ran it through 2008 timeframe when I decided to let it go.   At the time, I had spent over 8 years carpooling in the traffic from Snohomish County to the East side.

For the past few years I have been relatively quiet on the traffic complaining front.  I have spent a bunch of time recently trying to figure out the best way to commute to Capitol Hill, only to find the options are pretty atrocious.  So, here we are again.  The site back up and running.

I will be posting a bunch of re-posts to valuable content I find, links to other great sites by our fellow Seattle residents, and as I get back in the swing of things, writing content again.

Thanks for your patience as I get this going…again.

– Torg