I know there are a lot of conversations happening around this.   The intent, to keep carpool lanes moving at 45+ MPH, appears to be working.  I am torn.  I see bigger challenges that need to be solved, but when I was driving 405 and carpooling, it really didn’t save much time.   So.. I am curious what you all think?

Check out this story on DOT website

A week into I-405 express toll lanes: more choices for a faster commute

Drivers are saving an average of 15-25 minutes in express toll lanes

BELLEVUE – More drivers are using the new Interstate 405 express toll lanes, according to data collected from last week’s commute.

“Every day is different, and each driver has a different experience,” said Washington State Department of Transportation Assistant Secretary Craig Stone. “Overall, last week’s I-405 travel times have been lower than they were a year ago.”