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WSDOT – Funding – 2015 Unfunded Priority List

The 2015 Update to the Unfunded Priority List (pdf 100 kb) reflects the departments proposed investments for consideration during legislative new revenue discussions.  This version is an update from what was used during the 2013 Senate Transportation Forums (listening sessions) across the state. Significant changes have been made to the layout and presentation of the report.

Source: WSDOT – Funding – 2015 Unfunded Priority List

WSDOT Online Map Center

The WSDOT Online Map Center is an interactive web mapping site designed for users of every skill level. The Map Center offers WSDOT staff and the general public an opportunity to view WSDOT data and map products. This platform allows users to make more informed decisions by providing a collaborative environment for the visual display of spatial and tabular data.

Interesting they are providing this data.  Check out the Community Planning Portal to see a bunch of overlay data.  Very cool.

Source: WSDOT Online Map Center

WSDOT News – 2015 – Bridge conditions improve throughout state

WSDOT recently published its quarterly performance and accountability report, the Gray Notebook, and states that 92.1 percent of state-owned bridges measured by deck area are in fair or better condition. It is an improvement from 91.4 percent in 2010, and shows about a 700,000 square foot reduction in the bridges by deck area that were in poor condition.

Source: WSDOT News – 2015 – Bridge conditions improve throughout state

Are the new 405 toll lanes helping or hurting?

I know there are a lot of conversations happening around this.   The intent, to keep carpool lanes moving at 45+ MPH, appears to be working.  I am torn.  I see bigger challenges that need to be solved, but when I was driving 405 and carpooling, it really didn’t save much time.   So.. I am curious what you all think?

Check out this story on DOT website

A week into I-405 express toll lanes: more choices for a faster commute

Drivers are saving an average of 15-25 minutes in express toll lanes

BELLEVUE – More drivers are using the new Interstate 405 express toll lanes, according to data collected from last week’s commute.

“Every day is different, and each driver has a different experience,” said Washington State Department of Transportation Assistant Secretary Craig Stone. “Overall, last week’s I-405 travel times have been lower than they were a year ago.”


WSDOT News – 2015 – Free-flow peak hour travel now available on I-405 express toll lanes

For the first time in years, Interstate 405 drivers had a choice today for a reliable weekday commute using express toll lanes. For $1.50 in the morning and a 75 cent toll in the afternoon, drivers saved about 30 minutes on their commute between Bellevue and Lynnwood.

Source: WSDOT News – 2015 – Free-flow peak hour travel now available on I-405 express toll lanes

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